How to search for masks on Instagram?

Masks on Instagram are becoming more and more popular with users every day and, without a doubt, they already occupy a significant share of the content in Instagram stories. Where to find new masks, how to create them yourself and what benefits can be learned from this – we will find out in this article.

How to save a mask on Instagram

Most users are familiar with the standard masks that are available in Instagram stories. However, few people know that there are rare masks, they are created by users themselves.

If you want to get yourself an author’s mask, you just need to save it or subscribe to the author. After subscribing, all author masks will be available to you completely free of charge and will be added to stories automatically. The author of the mask is indicated at the top when selecting a filter. If this is an author’s mask, the creator’s account is indicated. If the mask is standard, then Instagram itself is the author.

You can delete the added mask. To do this, turn it on, click on it again in the mask ribbon. You will be presented with a dialog box that will prompt you to remove the mask or report the author. Complaints are welcome if you believe such content is inappropriate or violates intellectual property rights.

Instagram masks: benefits for business and bloggers

Instagram does not pay creators to create new masks. But every time someone uses an author’s filter, the name of its creator, as we have already found out, is indicated at the top. Thus, the distribution of creative and unusual masks will become viral. The author receives new subscribers (an increase in the number of subscribers is an increase in the cost of advertising for a blogger, for example).

Many bloggers go even further. Using this trend , they not only create masks, but also launch paid online courses “How to make a mask on Instagram yourself”, etc.

Masks can be used in different areas of business. For example, create masks for a tattoo parlor with sketches of tattoos that can be “tried on” on different parts of the body. Or how cosmetics company Kylie Cosmetics released masks that made it easier for their customers to choose. Users could choose the shades of lipsticks and shadows that suit them.

How to make masks on Instagram yourself

When creating masks for Instagram, you do not need special technical knowledge, but difficulties can still arise. To help users, Facebook has educational materials Additionally, we have written step-by-step instructions.

Step 1. Download the Spark AR Studio program to your computer and the application to your phone, as it works in conjunction with a smartphone and a computer. It will work correctly in combination with MAC + iPhone, alas.

Step 2. Launch the Spark AR Studio program. We connect the smartphone and the computer via usb, so that later we can test our mask on the smartphone.

Step 3. Adding face trackers to further create the mask, clickInsert > Scene Understanding > Face Tracker , then Insert > 3D objects > Face Mesh . You should see markings (axes) on the face. This is the section where you can visualize all your mask actions. Since this is a 3D object, on the left you will have a section with layers. You can manage the “hierarchy” of objects and swap them around as needed .

Step 4. And only now we add the necessary objects to create a mask (texture, materials). On the left side of the screen in the menu, find the inscription Assept and click on the plus sign next to it, and then Create new material.

If you want to test the program, the standard materials available in the program will suffice. If you want to create something authorial and original, in this case, you need to first prepare the file in Photoshop (png).

Step 5. In the program on the computer, click on the Mirror button (in the upper right corner) to test the mask on the smartphone.

Step 6. When everything is ready, save the mask to the computer. Go to the Spark AR Center and upload our mask.

However, there is one BUT. In order for your mask to be used by other people, you must apply to use the beta version . The application is moderated and, upon successful verification, appears automatically with the author and all your subscribers. Without this manipulation, it will not work to release your creation into the light.
Add your LiveDune account to track reach dynamics after creating a mask

Why didn’t the masks show up?

1. After you have subscribed to the author’s account, the masks will appear in the storis feed automatically (most often at the end, i.e. after the standard Instagram masks). If this doesn’t happen right away, you need to exit and re-enter the Instagram app.

2. Most masks are available on gadgets with the IOS platform. On Android, significantly fewer masks are available, alas.

3. From time to time, users are faced with a lack of free memory in the phone. In this case, simply delete the least needed files and applications, thereby freeing up space for the mask.

Why are the masks gone?

If this function worked properly before, and at one moment the masks simply disappeared, then, most likely, a technical failure is to blame. Try logging into your Instagram account from another device, if the problem persists, contact technical support. If the problem is not found on the new device, then try to exit and re-enter the application, restart the smartphone. If the above manipulations did not help, uninstall the Instagram application from your phone and install it again.
Masks on Instagram appeared in 2017 and are now only gaining popularity. Undoubtedly, this type of content will be in demand for a long time. Therefore, be in trend, follow the authors and their “creativity”, create masks yourself and develop your account or even business.

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