How to find buyers for building materials

The main criterion for a profitable business in the building materials trade is a constant flow of orders and large sales volumes. There are no huge margins on products in this area, therefore profitability is achieved through large-scale sales. That is why it is so important to build effective marketing that will provide a growing flow of orders.

Determine who your customer is

First, let’s define the main trading formats. There are 2 types: B2B and B2C. In the first case, you provide products in bulk to other organizations: construction companies and retailers. When trading with enterprises, you get wholesale orders and large sales volumes, but the markup on products is minimal.

In retail (B2C) the revenue per unit is much higher. Also, customers are willing to pay more for a convenient service. But the volume of goods sold, as a rule, is much less.

In B2B, your target audience is the decision makers (DMs) of various organizations that need building materials. Therefore, the company’s marketing should be focused on them, starting from the choice of channels and ending with the tone of voice. You must demonstrate that you are a profitable and reliable partner first and foremost.

If you work in B2C format, your CA are retail buyers of building materials. You are selling not to companies, but to a person who is primarily interested in the quality of goods and service.

For B2C, marketing channels with a high reach are best, as you need to regularly attract a large number of buyers. In B2B, it is not at all necessary to attract thousands of visitors to the site every month. You communicate with a small segment of the target audience, therefore, it is not a large coverage that is important, but personalization your marketing.

Online methods to increase sales of building materials

Physical sales offices are important. But in order to increase your own coverage and find customers for building materials from other regions, it is not at all necessary to open branches in every city. Business expansion should start with online channels for communication with customers. We will talk about the main ones below.

Website-catalog or online store

The site is available to potential buyers around the world, and gives you many other benefits. This is an important tool for both the sphere B2B, and for B2C. First of all, it makes it easier for customers to work with you. Thanks to the site, they can:

  • quickly find out about building materials in stock and their cost;
  • clarify the work schedule and terms of cooperation;
  • find your contact details or request a call back;
  • learn more about your company, make sure of its reliability;
  • it is better to study the product itself;
  • make a purchase without leaving your own apartment or workplace.

The simplest and relatively inexpensive types of Internet resources are single-page sites. These include landing pages, business card sites or promo sites. They perform a limited number of tasks: they advertise a particular product, introduce a company, promote a certain service, etc. Therefore, such resources are suitable as auxiliary tools for internet marketing, but the main site is better to create a multi-page.

For wholesale sales, a corporate resource with a product catalog is best suited. Here, a representative of the buyer’s company will be able to study in detail your company, assortment and contact you.

Conduct an analysis of the online store of building materials

To increase retail sales of building materials, you can sell from the site itself by creating an online store. It is very important to ensure that the full range is presented here with up-to-date prices and payment options available to customers.

The basic requirements for both B2B and B2C resources are the same:

  • convenient navigation and interface;
  • correct display on mobile devices and tablets;
  • high-quality and useful content;
  • high download speed;
  • unique and modern design;
  • lack of technical errors;
  • basic search engine optimization.

At the same time, the site can be simultaneously designed to work with both B2B and B2C audiences. There are many examples of such multifunctional Internet resources, oriented both to wholesale and retail sales.

Advertising tools

There are two most large-scale advertising types of advertising channels available on the Web:

  1. Contextual advertising in the CCM and YAN;
  2. Targeted advertising in social networks.

contextual advertising in turn is divided into search and media. Search advertising allows you to attract the most involved traffic to your site from the search results. Such ads for a building materials store look like regular search results, but contain the “advertising” mark. In order to interact only with targeted users, you yourself choose the queries for which ads will be shown.

Search ads are the most effective form of B2B advertising. It allows you to interact only with the audience that has already demonstrated a willingness to cooperate – has entered an order. In B2C, this tool will also be very useful, but for the campaign to be profitable, you need to carefully select the queries for displaying ads.

Display ads on search ad networks are best suited for the B2C segment. They allow you to quickly draw the attention of a new target audience to certain events, for example, seasonal discounts, promotions or events. To ensure targeted impressions of such ads, you set the criteria for your own target audience in the advertising campaign settings.

Targeted ads are ads that users see on social media. They can be placed in the feed, the stories section, etc. Such ads are also better suited for promotion in the B2C segment. With its help, you can not only attract clicks to the site, but also to your own page on social networks in order to build long-term interaction.

Website promotion

Advertising tools allow you to attract paid traffic to the necessary sections of the site in a short time, for example, to the pages of promotional products. But for a constant increase in ad traffic is not enough. You need a comprehensive website promotion.

The main share of free traffic the site can receive from search engines. So users who are interested in buying or in information about the product themselves enter a query into the search and go to the sites from the issue. Such users are highly likely to place an order, as they themselves are looking for building materials. Therefore, SEO is the main channel for attracting buyers to a hardware store.

In order to increase traffic from the search, and consequently, increase sales of building materials, it is necessary to optimize the Internet resource, namely internal and external optimization.

Internal optimization is work on the site:

technical improvements;
extension of semantics and structure;
optimization of content and meta tags;
usability improvement;
creating responsive design.

External optimization is building up the link mass of the site, which also affects its position. To get links, you need to regularly publish content on popular online construction resources, for example, reviews of various products.

Unlike advertising, SEO does not give quick results. The first positive changes have to be expected within 1-2 months after the start of work. But you get targeted traffic that comes from search for free. At the same time, the number of transitions is increasing monthly.

Ways to retain customers

It is necessary not only to attract new customers, but also to retain those who have already placed an order with you. It is especially important to keep regular customers in B2B, where a long-term cooperation format is most beneficial for both parties. How to keep customers?

It is important that your regular customers receive additional benefits by ordering products from you. It can be:

  • regular promotional offers;
  • discounts for permanent cooperation;
  • discount.

Thus, your customers receive an additional incentive to cooperate with your company. Therefore, as long as they still have a need for building materials, they will continue to place orders with you.

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