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Roku TV models are now compatible with the Apple TV channel. You are now able to access your collection of films and show clips, as well as find new shows to rent, buy stream, or purchase. This article will let you know whether your Roku is compatible with Apple TV +. It also helps you log in to the channel and stream content and clarify Apple TV +. You can activate your apple TV streaming channel at

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Roku streaming devices aren’t always capable of working with Apple TV. To determine if the product is compatible Apple TV in your country you need to know the model of your device. To find this information, visit the Roku’s home screen , and select Settings > > > More. This list of models is compatible to work with Apple TV.


These are the steps needed to include the Apple TV channel on compatible Roku TV or Roku TV. Your Roku remote will prompt you to press the Home button.

  1. Scroll down and up and select the Streaming Channels. To access Channel Store, open Channel Store, scroll up or down.
  2. Search channels to select.
  3. Begin entering Apple TV. The results you get from your search will be more precise when you start typing.
  4. You can mark Apple TV by using the direction pad on the Roku remote.
  5. To find out more click the OK button.
  6. Select and Add Channel.

Once you’ve set up Apple TV Channel, once you have installed the Apple TV Channel, it will be added to your Roku’s list under “Home” tab. You can remove the channel to another spot on the list.

You can connect the channel to your Roku account using the web browser. You can also make use of the Roku application to access the Roku mobile website. For more information, check out the full article on adding channels to the Roku device.


Apple ID is required for logging into Apple TV. To sign in using an Apple ID that you already possess, you must follow these steps below. Learn the steps to set up a all-new Apple ID.

  1. Start your channel on Apple TV. Apple TV channel
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select accounts
  4. Select Sign Up
  5. Two sign-in options are that you can choose from via your Television
  6. You can sign in using your phone using Log in Mobile Device You can either go on by scanning your QR code. Follow the steps for logging in.
  7. If you prefer, you can opt to sign-in on this TV. This allows you to login to an Apple ID via your Roku remote
  8. If you don’t are registered with the Apple ID, click Create an Apple ID. You can go to and scan the QR code that are displayed. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to complete registration. Once you’re done the account will be created instantly.


  1. Choose a subject and look through all the content available
  2. Select Library if you want to look at the contents you already have
  3. Choose Search if the search is specific
  4. Go through all the titles, and select the one that you like
  5. Select To Buy Or To Rent
  6. To complete your purchase, enter you Apple ID password if you get prompted
  7. Choose Play and begin the video.


Apple TV + will soon become streaming services. It will be accessible via Apple TV and will provide original TV shows, as well as films from every genre. For more details, check out

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